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Agréé par l'arrêté ministériel du 28 juin 2016


10 Soft Skills
Administrative Assistant
Afrikaans - Welcome A1.1
Afrikaans - Welcome A1.2
Afrikaans - Welcome A2.1
Afrikaans - Working and Business Language
Albanian - Welcome A1
Aleitamento Materno
Americas - Regional Languages
Arabic - Language of work and business
Arabic - Retail - Services and Products
Arabic - Welcome A1.1
Arabic - Welcome A1.2
Arabic - Welcome A2.1
Arabic for HoReCa and Tourism
ASL Sign Language - Welcome A1
Assertiveness and self-confidence
Basics of education and childcare - BEA
Basque - Welcome A1
Bengali - Welcome A1.1
Bengali - Welcome A1.2
Berçarista / Baby Sitter in Portugues
Building Better Teams
Bulgarian - Welcome A1.1
Bulgarian - Welcome A1.2
Bullying / Harassment
Business English
business etiquette
Business French - services and products
Cabelereira's assistant
Call center / help desk / telemarketing operator
Calls & Emails - LSP
Catalan - Welcome A1.1
Catalan - Welcome A1.2
Childhood Psychology
Chinese - VR + Online - Immersion Language Course - All Levels
Chinese - Welcome A1 - Integral Level
Chinese - Welcome A1.1
Chinese - Welcome A1.2
Chinese - Welcome A2.1
Chinese A1.1 - Immersion language course
Chinese A1.2 - Immersion language course
Chinese A2.1 - Immersion language course
Chinese A2.2 - Immersion language course
Chinese B1.1 - Immersion language course
Chinese B1.2 - Immersion language course
Chinese B2.1 - Immersion language course
Chinese B2.2 - Immersion language course
Computing - Intensive
Conversation in English
Conversation in French
Conversation in Luxembourgish
Conversation in Portuguese
Corporate Communication - LSP
Creative forms of expression: music, dance and rhythm
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Croatian - Welcome A1.1
Croatian - Welcome A1.2
Cuidador de Idosos
Customer service
Customer Service - LSP
cyber security
Czech - Welcome A1.1
Czech - Welcome A1.2
Danish - Welcome A1.1
Danish - Welcome A1.2
Danish - Welcome A2.1
Digital Citizenship
Digital Marketing
Disability Awareness - Working with People with Disabilities
Disturbios of Aprendizagem
Diversity at work
Dutch - Welcome A1.1
Dutch - Welcome A1.2
Dutch - Welcome A2.1
Early Childhood Monitor
Encourage sustainability and social responsibility in business
English - VR + Online - Immersion Language Course - All Levels
English - Welcome A1 - Integral level
English - Welcome A1.1
English - Welcome A1.2
English - Welcome A2 - Integral level
English - Welcome A2.1
English - Working and Business Language
English A1.1 - Immersion language course
English A1.2 - Immersion language course
English A2.1 - Immersion language course
English A2.2 - Immersion language course
English B1.1 - Immersion language course
English B1.2 - Immersion language course
English B2.1 - Immersion language course
English B2.2 - Immersion language course
English for HoReCa and Tourism
Environmental education
Environmental impacts
Environmental sustainability
Esperanto - Culture in languages
Estonian - Welcome A1
EVR - How to improve your Presentations Skills
EVR - How to Network in Business
EVR - Job Interview - Be Prepared
Excel Office - Getting to the Basics
Executive Secretariat
Farsi - Welcome A1.1
Farsi - Welcome A1.2
feng shui
Finance & banking services - LSP
Finnish - Welcome A1.1
Finnish - Welcome A1.2
Flemish - Welcome A1
Flight Attendant - LSP
Foot reflexology
France - Regional Languages
French - Intensive Academic Support - All levels
French - Language of work and business
French - VR + online - Immersion language course - All levels
French - Welcome A1 - Integral level
French - Welcome A1.1
French - Welcome A1.2
French - Welcome A2 - Integral level
French - Welcome A2.1
French A1 - Integral level
French A1.1 - Immersion language course
French A1.2 - Immersion language course
French A2.1 - Immersion language course
French A2.2 - Immersion language course
French B1.1 - Immersion language course
French B1.2 - Immersion language course
French B2.1 - Immersion language course
French B2.2 - Immersion language course
French for HoReCa and Tourism
French for sales
Galician A1 - Welcome
German - Immersion language course - All levels
German - Intensive Tutoring - All levels
German - Welcome A1 - Integral level
German - Welcome A1.1
German - Welcome A1.2
German - Welcome A2 - Integral level
German - Welcome A2.1
German - Working and Business Language
German A1.1 - Immersion language course
German A1.2 - Immersion language course
German A2.1 - Immersion language course
German A2.2 - Immersion language course
German B1.1 - Immersion language course
German B1.2 - Immersion language course
German B2.1 - Immersion language course
German B2.2 - Immersion language course
German for HoReCa and Tourism
German for Sales - Services and Products
Greek - VR + Online - Immersion Language Course - All Levels
Greek - Welcome A1 - Integral Level
Greek - Welcome A1.1
Greek - Welcome A1.2
Greek - Welcome A2.1
Greek A1.1 - Immersion language course
Greek A1.2 - Immersion language course
Greek A2.1 - Immersion language course
Greek A2.2 - Immersion language course
hairdressing assistant
Health Professionals - LSP
Hebrew - Welcome A1.1
Hebrew - Welcome A1.2
Help for the elderly
Hindi - Welcome A1.1
Hindi - Welcome A1.2
Hotel staff - LSP
How to Deal with Bullying in the Workplace
How to Improve Mindfulness
How to manage your personal finances
How to write a business plan?
Human Resources Management - LSP
Hungarian - Welcome A1.1
Hungarian - Welcome A1.2
Icelandic - Welcome A1
Indonesian - VR + Online - Immersion Language Course - All Levels
Indonesian - Welcome A1.1
Indonesian - Welcome A1.2
Indonesian - Welcome A2.1
Indonesian A1.1 - Immersion language course
Indonesian A1.2 - Immersion language course
Indonesian A2.1 - Immersion language course
Integration course: How to live in Luxembourg?
Intensive Portuguese
Interior decoration
Inventory management
Irish - Welcome A1
Italian - VR + online - Immersion language course - All levels
Italian - Welcome A1 - Integral Level
Italian - Welcome A1.1
Italian - Welcome A1.2
Italian - Welcome A2.1
Italian - Work and business language
Italian A1.1 - Immersion language course
Italian A1.2 - Immersion language course
Italian A2.1 - Immersion language course
Italian A2.2 - Immersion language course
Italian B1.1 - Immersion language course
Italian B1.2 - Immersion language course
Italian B2.1 - Immersion language course
Italian B2.2 - Immersion language course
Italian for HoReCa and Tourism
Italian for Sales - Services and Products
Italy - Regional languages
Japanese - VR + online - Immersive language courses - All levels
Japanese - Welcome A1 - Integral Level
Japanese - Welcome A1.1
Japanese - Welcome A1.2
Japanese - Welcome A2.1
Japanese A1.1 - Immersion language course
Japanese A1.2 - Immersion language course
Japanese A2.1 - Immersion language course
Japanese A2.2 - Immersion language course
Japanese B1.1 - Immersion language course
Japanese B1.2 - Immersion language course
Japanese B2.1 - Immersion language course
Japanese B2.2 - Immersion language course
Korean - Welcome A1.1
Korean - Welcome A1.2
Korean - Welcome A2.1
Kurdish - Culture in languages
Latin - Welcome A1.1
Latin - Welcome A1.2
Latvian - Welcome A1.1
Latvian - Welcome A1.2
Lithuanian - Welcome A1.1
Lithuanian - Welcome A1.2
Luxembourgish - Welcome A1.1
Luxembourgish - Working and business language
Luxembourgish A1 - Integral level
Luxembourgish for crèches / Luxembourgish for Day Care
Luxembourgish for sales
Luxembourgish for the elderly
Macedonian - Welcome A1
Maltese - Culture in languages
Management of bars and restaurants
Management of small and medium enterprises
Management of time
Marketing - LSP
Marketing and Advertising
Marketing for Small Business
Meetings - Appointment - Agenda - LSP
Monitor de Jovens
Monitor de Educaçao Infantil
Multilingualism - language skills
Nanny / Babysitter
Negotiations - LSP
NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Norwegian - Welcome A1.1
Norwegian - Welcome A1.2
Norwegian - Welcome A2.1
Operator of Caixa
Pashto - Welcome A1
Personal and professional success
personal marketing
Play and learning environment
Plurilingualism - The promotion of activities by l
Polish - Welcome A1.1
Polish - Welcome A1.2
Polish - Welcome A2.1
political marketing
Portuguese - Welcome A1.1
Portuguese - Welcome A1.2
Portuguese - Welcome A2.1
Portuguese - Working and Business Language
Portuguese A1 - Integral level
Portuguese Executive Secretary
Portuguese for HoReCa and Tourism
Portuguese for sales
Portuguese for Sales - Services and Products
Power Point Office - Getting to the point
Presentations and Reports - LSP
Professional cleaning
Professional makeup
Professional receptionist
Project Management - LSP
Public relations
Public speaking
Recycling and renewable energies
Relationship Marketing
Restaurant and Café Staff - LSP
Romanian - Welcome A1.1
Romanian - Welcome A1.2
Romanian - Welcome A2.1
Russian - Welcome A1.1
Russian - Welcome A1.2
Russian - Welcome A2.1
Sales English - Services and Products
Sales techniques
Scottish - Welcome A1
Seller / Buyer / Merchants - LSP
Serbian - Welcome A1
Sign language for babies and toddlers
Slovak - Welcome A1.1
Slovak - Welcome A1.2
Slovenian - Welcome A1
social marketing
Spain - Regional languages
Spanish - Conversation
Spanish - VR + online - Immersion language course - All levels
Spanish - Welcome A1 - Integral level
Spanish - Welcome A1.1
Spanish - Welcome A1.2
Spanish - Welcome A2.1
Spanish - Working and Business Language
Spanish A1.1 - Immersion language course
Spanish A1.2 - Immersion language course
Spanish A2.1 - Immersion language course
Spanish A2.2 - Immersion language course
Spanish B1.1 - Immersion language course
Spanish B1.2 - Immersion language course
Spanish B2.1 - Immersion language course
Spanish B2.2 - Immersion language course
Spanish for HoReCa and Tourism
Spanish for Sales - Services and Products
Special Education – Inclusion
Staff training
Start your business with crowdsourcing
Swahili - Welcome A1
Swedish - Welcome A1.1
Swedish - Welcome A1.2
Swedish - Welcome A2.1
Swiss German - Welcome A1
Switzerland - Regional languages
Tagalog - Welcome A1.1
Tagalog - Welcome A1.2
Talk to employees about personal hygiene
Team management
TEFL Certification
Telecommuting: a necessity
Thai - Welcome A1.1
Thai - Welcome A1.2
The administrative assistant
The different types of conflicts in the nursery
The production of the event
The skills of educational professionals
Turkish - Welcome A1.1
Turkish - Welcome A1.2
Turkish - Welcome A2.1
UK - Regional languages
Ukrainian - Welcome A1.1
Ukrainian - Welcome A1.2
Ukrainian - Welcome A2.1
Urdu - Welcome A1.1
Urdu - Welcome A1.2
Vietnamese - Welcome A1.1
Vietnamese - Welcome A1.2
VR - Effective Leadership
VR - Effective Public Speaking
VR - Excellence in Sales
VR - Managing Workplace Stress
VR - Media Training
VR - Teachers and Trainers
Welsh - Welcome A1
Word Office - Getting to the point




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